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Apr 13, 2012

[firepass] how to find all users linked to some resource group

Hi all,



could someone tell me how is it possible to find all users that have some resource group?




Also, is it possible to find all resource groups that provide access to some host? I.e find resource group by ip address.




And last question - is it possible to combine several resource groups for some users so that he has access to all services at the same time, not one resource group at a time, because it's not flexible.




thanks in advance!


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  • Well, it depends on how you're doing the resource group mapping. If it's AD, do an AD lookup for that group. No it's not possible to find groups going to a host, you will have to be much more specific to get a good answer :)



    Once again, be a bit more specific and we might be able to help.
  • well, ok :)


    The question is how to find all firepass local users that have linked to some resource group. So I have firepass, there are local users and local resource groups. It's possible to click on user and view what resource groups he has, but if we open resource group - there is no any reference to users.



    Ok, I'll try to be even more specific. I have resource group on firepass with access to some site. How to find all users that have access to this site via firepass ssl vpn?



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    From Admin UI go to 'Users : User Management'


    Click on 'File Export' it will render 'Exporting users from FirePass internal database' page.


    Use 'Specify fields to export' to specify needed fields, here is output example:


    ,,,a,Default,,,activated,,Default_resource Default_resource Citrix JavaBased,


    ^^^^^^^ space separated resource groups ^^^^



    Dynamically assigned res groups will not be reported here.
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    Please disregard my prev post. I was testing my FirePass with development point Hot-Fix (HF-DEV-116937-1) installed, it adds res groups into output. That PHF is not released yet.