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Feb 09, 2012

Firepass 7.0.0 - Windows Share on Windows Server 2008

Hello - any help would really be appreciated.


Trying to browse UNC path to a Windows Server 2008 over Firepass - getting network cannot be found error.


- An application (static) tunnel has been created to the server - set up the same tunnel to a Windows Server 2003 and it works


- Over the tunnel, I can telnet to the 2008 Server over ports 139 & 445 - and the firewall log shows that traffic is being allowed as it should


- I can browse the 2008 server using UNC path on the LAN



Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Hi TK,



    Sorry you're having issues with browsing through the Firepass.



    This issue would be a good candidate for opening a case with F5 Support. When you open a support case, you'll get a lot more assistance than can be offered in this forum.





  • were you able to get a resolution on this issue? I am having a similar issue in my environment as well. I have users that are not able to transfer certain file types to a windows Server 08 machine. The RDP session drops briefly and the file transfer dies.
  • Have you guys enabled the file inspection on the Firepass, that is during the upload the file should also be inspected for any virus or if you have any particular file size defined then this sort of drop happens.... if these two are not the case then its better to open a case with F5.