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Jun 14, 2011

Filtering a list of URLs

Hello Everyone,



To start off, I'd like to mention that I am pretty new at this F5 business (been reading on it for about 2wks).




I am trying to find the best way to filter a list of URLs. Below is the current iRule that we are using, but as you can imagine as the need for additional URLs to be added to the iRule arises, it will be harder to keep track of them. So as a different solution, I would like to be able to insert a new URL into a list instead of having to create an "elseif" statement everytime.




Any help will be greatly appreciated :)








where member is the parameter name


set member_param_1 "/mailSchedulingServices/mailSchedulingService.svc"


set member_param_2 "/cardPayMatrixSvc/cardPayMatrixSvc.svc"


set response_data "Unauthorized request"




if {[string match $member_param_1 [HTTP::path]]}{


Do nothing




elseif {[string match $member_param_2 [HTTP::path]]} {


Do nothing


} else {


log local0. "Compare response with $member_param"


HTTP::respond 200 content $response_data













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