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Oct 09, 2011

Feedback request: pyControl v11 session support

Hi everyone: if you use pycontrol, I'd like your feedback on how you'd like session support implemented. As of right now I'm thinking about keeping it as simple as possible and exposing the internals so you can modify things if you want.



For example, it seems sensible to add a keyword arg to the BIGIP class constructor so you can do something like: sessions=True, which will send the pycontrol BIGIP class into "v11 mode" and fetch the session ID for you and stuff it into the request headers automatically for you on subsequent calls.






1) Would this work for you? If not, is there a better alternative that I am missing?



2) How should I handle situations where you load multiple WSDLs into the pycontrol BIGIP class? I ask because each actual client object is unique per WSDL, so theoretically you could have a unique session ID for each.



For now, I'm thinking of simply setting that header to the same session_id for each client object. As usual, I'll expose a way to override it via suds.set_options() or a similar helper function. Would that be OK for you?



Thanks in advance, and thanks for using pycontrol!



-- Matt Cauthorn


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