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May 24, 2011

failover questions




We had a situation where we applied HF4 cumulative patch on standby and at some point both of the ltms went active/active and we had a outage.


In order to prevent this to happen again we are thinking of isolating ltm12-2 from the network and apply the patch and disable asm. SO we are thinking of disabling all the interfaces on LTM12-2 including HA interface .




Here is my steps and concerns



(1) Currently LTM12-2 is active. So we will failover to standby


(2) On ltm12-2 change the redundancy state preference to standby.


(3) Disable network interfaces on LTM12-2 and HA interface last


(4) Reactivate license on LTM12-2 to disable ASM


(5) Reboot ltm12-2




(6) Enable HA interface and than other network interfaces on LTM12-2


(7) Change the redundancy state preference to NONE on LTM12-2



our concern is with step 5 and step 6 . Will ltm12-2 become active because its trying to get a heartbeat from ltm12-1 which it won't get because after step 5 there is no connectivity in terms of HA interface to ltm12-1 .





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  • Can you try adding your questions to your post as an attachment as it still isn't rendering correctly.