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Jul 18, 2012

failover cable and network failover

Hi all,


i've a question about the failover.


I've a couple of f5 applaiance connected with failover cable and configured with network failover.



now i'm making some failover test and i some question are in my mind.



F5-1 is active and configured as preferred active system. when i unplug ntw ha cables nothing happen until i unplug the failover cable (at 5V) too. is it correct?



the same test with unplugging first the 5v and then the ntw clables has the same result.



in my system ntw cables and traffic ntw cable are the same, so if i unplug ntw cables on the first and the f5-2 doesn't become active i've loose of connection from the client. How can i resolve this situation? (i think the best way is to use only ntw fail over, right?)




thanks a lot




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  • Hi Emilio,



    I would not recommend using the preferred active/standby setting as it causes an unnecessary failover when the preferred active unit fails, the standby takes over and then the preferred active unit comes back online.



    If you can use hardwire failover (the distance between the units is close enough), you should use hardwire failover:



    sol2397: Comparison of serial failover and network failover features