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Dec 02, 2015

Failover a portion of GTM WideIP to DR site

I have a requirement to perform what we are calling application failover between two datacenters. I have GTM configured in both datacenters and each datacenter has its own public IP space. I have a specific business unit that wants to failover once specific application suite not everything, but this once application suite has 22 wideIPs. Is there a way to script this failover so I don't have to manually touch each wideIP? Also, the primary datacenter will be production, but when we failover the secondary DC will become production which means the urls will be the same for both the primary and secondary. At the same time they want to be able to test which ever DC is not production so there will be a separate test url. I have this working, but I have to manually take pool members up and down to make the flip.


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  • If you want to do failover just on GTM I would write a manual TMSH command list/script to disable the select GTM Pool members under your 22 WIPs:

    modify gtm pool DC1_TEST_APP_POOL_01 members modify { /Common/DC1_LTM:DC1_TEST_APP_VS_HTTPS_01 { disabled } }
    modify gtm pool DC1_TEST_APP_POOL_02 members modify { /Common/DC1_LTM:DC1_TEST_APP_VS_HTTPS_02 { disabled } }
    modify gtm pool DC1_TEST_APP_POOL_03 members modify { /Common/DC1_LTM:DC1_TEST_APP_VS_HTTPS_03 { disabled } }

    If you want to test full failover, i.e. fail LTM virtual servers if your using GTM and LTM together, then just disable the LTM Virtual Servers in the production DC either via the Web GUI or another TMSH command list.

  • Dear, Could you please provide me the script with the modification in the member order for global availability setup?