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Apr 03, 2023

F5OS in EVE-ng?

Has anyone tried F5OS in EVE-ng network emulation software?

If not, can this work in a home lab environment?  What did you use?



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  • mihaic I have an F5 VM in EVE-ng and it works well. I just used the appropriate file from the F5 website to create the VM in EVE-ng.

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      is it a BIG-IP VE appliance, or F5OS ? 

      So far I've only seen F5OS on top of rSeries or velos hardware 🙂 

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        CA_Valli It is a BIG-IP VE. I assumed this was related to VE but I suppose it could have been read multiple ways. I had an opportunity to install a BIG-IQ but didn't have enough RAM to run it because apparently it uses all the RAM on earth. In order to get the BIG-IQ functioning I installed it as an F5 VE and just changed the referenced OS file. mihaic might be able to do this method to get F5OS working as well.