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Aug 01, 2017

F5 Textbooks...?



at the risk of getting flamed, i'll ask a question that's been asked some years before, in case there's anythying new..


Are there any textbooks for learning the F5 material - particularly BigIP and AFM (other than An Introduction to LTM iRules which i will purchase)?


I will also start on the intro webcasts and play with the VM. I won't be able to convince my workplace to spend big dollars on the live courses.


Some people's learning styles suit the "just play with it" methodology, i work better with an organized structure.. Other vendors (microsoft, cisco) have you know, full, thorough textbooks... does anything like this exist for F5 products? I assume the live courses have written material that accompanies the course... any chance this can be sold?


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  • If you go through the certification tracks, even if you don't test for the certifications, you'll find the structure of a textbook. The certs start with basic administration and networking concepts and move up through the different modules and difficulty progressively. The training is free and is very structured. The guides by themselves, when you use them with the product manuals is very thorough.


    Check out


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      great thanks Mike i'll use this certification-guide + product manual for structure and hit up the free training as well thanks!


  • You can also go to and check under Education on the menu bar, from there you can see many online courses that can make it easier for you to know what you need to know