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Dec 07, 2021

F5 support web site login



Wondering if some nice person would write a KB or give insight into how the * SSO works - ie how would you replicate on a F5.


I especially like the float down windows for login info



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  • Hello there,

    does your question address SSO or customization?


    For customization I'd recommend checking this very useful DevCentral topic which helped me a lot when tuning customers logon pages:

    There's also config templates available in attached files.


    Abous SSO logic, there's so many options available that it's hard to guess which specific one is in use. Higly doubt F5 would share such information as well as it might be something sensitive.

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      Hi So I get they wouldn't put security stuff in the white paper. But it would make a very good best practise KB article. A
  • Abous SSO logic has so many alternatives that it's difficult to discern which one is being used. I seriously doubt F5 will provide such information, as it may be sensitive. Regards: Cruseburke