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Feb 12, 2024

F5 rseries ha interconnect between platform at f5OS level, not at tenant level


Please ,Let me know , how i can configure HA InterConnect between two rseries platform at F5OS level , not at tenant level and test redundacy at the platform level, not at the tenant level, How to configure HA vlan, device group with F5OS GUI


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  • Hi dbamini,

    The HA between rseries are not supported, only between tenants, take in mind that HA is a failover to keep user traffic available between tenants and mirror functionality.


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       Yes and How F5 explain this:

      How to configure this HA interconnect on F5OS Level?

      Thanks in advanced

      • Hi,

        This architecture represents a lag between two interfaces in F5OS-A and F5OS-B, this lag has an HA Vlan configured and delivered in each Tenant to configure the HA funtionality, please review the post I sent you, HA is only supported against tenants. it doesn't make any sense to configure HA between chassis.

        Take in mind that you have to create the Vlans, LAGs "with LACP or not", Port Groups in the chasis level and then select all the vlans you want to provision at the Tenant level.