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Dec 14, 2010

F5 LTM with OWA 2007

I installed a valid certificate SSL on my F5. For my outlook Web access 2007.


F5 communicate with OWA with http protocol. I disabled Force SSL on the OWA.


To etablish communication between F5 and OWA. But, OWA redirect all traffic on http.



When i'm going to the url OWA redirect me to http://website/owa.


All the traffic is on http. But, i have a valid ssl certificate. If i change the http to https, everyting is ok.



Have you a solution ?




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  • Can you try adding a custom HTTP profile to the VS with the header to insert field on the HTTP profile set for:






    Else, if that doesn't work, try setting rewrite redirects to matching on the custom HTTP profile.