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Apr 20, 2015

F5 LTM not discovered by Servicenow discovery

Our asset discovery tool is not able to discover F5 LTM. Is there any config am I missing or do I need to add any OID?




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  • Disclosure and Service Mapping can find F5 BIG-IP load balancers by means of SNMP, SSH, and through the REST API.
    For F5 Global Traffic Manager (GTM) GIB-IP load balancers, Discovery can determine the DNS name of the F5 GTM equipment as well as the DNS names of the relative multitude of servers related with the heap balancer that get disseminated traffic. To see this information, explore to All > Configuration > Load Balancers > LB Hardware and open the F5 load balancer record. Then, at that point, select the DNS Names for CIs related list. Administration Mapping utilizes this data to plan F5 connections.
    F5 bunch disclosure
    The flat disclosure interaction can find F5 groups. To find bunches, the certifications probably read authorization to traffic gatherings. For SNMP, this is the customary understood authorization. For SSH, you really want to have Traffic Management Shell (TMSH shell) empowered and available.

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