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Nov 03, 2022

F5 ltm load balancer

Hello,  We have a routers load balancing problem. We have one pool that contain two routers isp1 and isp2 with round robin and icmp health monitor. One virtual server that handle traffic from lan ...
  • Hi Amyoussef , 
              I see that this issue is arising out of breaking a stateful connection when turning off one of your pool members which means one of your router.
    I do not know what type of virtual servers do you use in this implementation , but I would like to share with you a solution from my perspective. 

    > First , go to ( Local traffic > Pool > choose your pool > select properties > Select advanced in configuration field > then Action On Service Down and choose "reselect" Option ). 

    > By enabling " Action On Service Down" feature you make a quite stateful connections and maintains it when one of your routers become unavailable. 
    Please note , you need to adjust your virtual server such as ( not using tcp profile and disable Port and address translation ) , also if the traffic goes through a firewall to internet you need make sure that traffic will be allowed through this firewall if one of routers become unavailable. 

    > Please refer to this KB as well , it will help you to configure "Action On Service Down" feature well : 

    I hope you get ride of your issue soon.