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Nov 04, 2010





To probe our F5 lte virtual machine, i've imported it to the virtual center 4.0.



The question is that i only see the interfaces 1.1 and 1.2 as UNINITIALIZED. Our virtual F5 has the version 10.1.



Someone can help me¿?...





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    Status of virtual network interfaces (CR126854-1)


    The BIG-IP system reports the status of host-only network interfaces as UNINITIALIZED, even though the interfaces are still functioning normally.



  • Hi!.



    Thanks for the replay but doesn't function. Now i finishied the installation wizard. And i've created one vlan and self ip. And i cant make ping to that ip, and i think that is for the unintialez interface. Its possible¿?.



  • Though the message appears, the UNITIALIZED status probably isn't the issue. (I won't say it's impossible, it's just unlikely for VE )



    If you're able to ping the self-ip from the BIG-IP itself, then I'd double check the network mappings and IP configurations. That's usually the cause of traffic not working correctly when setting up a new virtual machine ( at least, in my experience )




    this is sort of covered in the getting-started documentation and videos that have been created. Here's a few links that I could find for you:



    Here's Colin's guide on getting started with BIG-IP VE:





    Here's two getting started with BIG-IP VE videos:







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    Here is another video tutorial I did as well:



  • Thank you watkins for the video. Its very usefull.



    Im traying to make the same in my net. I've got two networks 172 and 100.




    Mgmt: Interface in net 100 with vlan id auto.



    Interface1.1: Interface in net 172 with vlan id auto.





    And now at this point, i can't make ping to the self ip create with the interface 1.1. What's the probem can be?....




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    It is almost something with the ESXi/BIG-IP networking config. Jason did a fantastic job of explaining how to get things working with this blog post:



    I learned a lot from that post and it has helped me solve a few problems of my own. Best of luck,