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Mar 10, 2012

F5-LC NAT information

Hi Everyone,


Ihope many of you must have worked on the F5 LC, I have a little confusion on the Nating part so I thought may be some one can help me out here with their good experience and forgive any silly logic that I am going to present below. currently I have 10 Public IP's Nated for 10 servers inside my network via firewall.


Once Lc will be installed I understand that the NAT will be shifted to the LC from my current firewall so once NAT is shifted to the LC m I going to install these servers in behind Firewall like this....


[Public IP (on Lc)>NAT>Private IP on Firewall>Nated again to Private IP], M I correct or things totally went out of logic kindly correct me if I am wrong here.


Now I need to understand that the same set of Public IP's that is 10 IP's that i will have from the second ISP m I goign to NAT it for these servers again? Then how baout the physical connection to these servers. Every server is going to have two set of IP's on different NIC's,it's going alot wrong I believe the logic dosen't fit kindly correct me where I am going wrong and help me out with the correct knowledge.




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  • Why do the servers need two IPs? You should just end up with a pool (containing the server) and 2 Virtual Servers (1 for each public IP) so you wouldn't need to define actual NATs...just use the Virtuals.
  • Thanks Chris for the reply I got the idea.... is there any good document that can explain the complete working, flow and logic of LC.... how it works...