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Dec 01, 2022

F5 iApp migration to FAST

Hi Hoping for some advice in regard to migrating a deployed Exchange 2013 iApp to an Exchange 2016 FAST template. Currently we have an iApp deployed that provides services for Exchange 2013, our cl...
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    Dec 01, 2022

    Hi Andy, 

    Yes, this shouldn't be a problem.

    The FAST templates are basically just a repackaging of the iApp templates (...and now I'm probably about to be attacked by some F5 folks... 😉 Whereas the iApps work by relying on tmsh code and internal scripting, the FAST framework is heavily reliant on the API and AS3 for its actual commands. This makes the FAST templates a lot more flexible and futureproof as they rely less on the exact internal workings. As long as the API commands stay the same, the templates will continue to work.

    So regarding running an iApp for the Exchange 2013 install and a FAST template for the 2016 install, as long as you are careful not to duplicate the front-end IP's, they should be perfectly happy running in parallel.

    As with all these kinds of deployments though, if unsure, spin up a quick lab setup and get some experience on there first with installing AS3 and FAST before going to the live system. 

    Hope this helps,