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Mar 27, 2012

F5 Failover




I have deployed a pair of F5 LTM 1600 and have configured the redundancy and fail-over. Thus, I would like to ask that when the active F5 failover to the standby F5, is the failover a stateful failover? meaning to say that during a failover will the active connection to the Virtual Server on the active F5 being failover to the the standby thus there is interruption to the user connection?



I noticed that there is an option of "Connection Mirror" for Virtual Server. However, F5 website says the they recommend that to enable this option on Performance VS only.



Please advice.


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    Ah Fat



    There are two types of mirroring - connection and persistence. You're right, it's not the recommended option to enable connection mirroring - due to the overhead involved. I wouldn't enable it for http connections but possibly ftp / rdp / ssh etc.



    Persistence mirroring, on the other hand, is recommended. This means that on failover the standby appliance is aware of which pool member each connection is going to - this ensures a smooth failover (and hopefully invisible to the user). You don't need to mirror cookie persistence though - as this is client based.



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