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Jul 22, 2022

f5 email alert setup configuration how to

Hello All,

Trying to setup email alerts on the f5 running 16.1.3, alerts would be for anything including pool down members, or best practises for email alerts.

Found this KB:

Also found this for configuring smtp which im not a 100 percent clear about:

So according to the above link i need to configure smtp on the f5 right before moving on to actually configuring the alerts? if so i do understand the following fields:

  1. "Name"
  2. "SMTP Server Host Name"
  3. "SMTP Server Port Number"
  4. "Local Host Name"

Do not understand:

  1. "From Address"

What is this field? When i enter in this field it shows "Please enter a valid «From Address»."

this is what i enter in the field:


Should this entry be added on the smtp server? Dont get what should be done here.

Thanks and please direct me to any other configuration best practises kb or articles that you find.


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     «From Address»." will contain the valid username of that F5 bigip device. You can use "root" for this. 

    When BigIP F5 will send the email it will automatically add the email "from" field as 

    root@<Host Name of bigIP device>.com 

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      will it show the currently logged in user or will it only show whatever i type in the "«From Address»" field?

      What if a different user is logged in? will it show his/her username?