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Aug 16, 2022

F5 custom logout issue hangup_error=1 loop


We have APM with webtop, when pressing the logout button it should redirect to external decision page, and based on decision (continue/cancel) proceed or return to F5 webtop page.

We end up with the following loop issue

  1. SP webtop generates logout to itself to hangup.php3?hangup_error=1
  2. with an Irule we redirect this request to external IDP to display informative page with decisions (cancel/continue).
  3. while pressing cancel on external page it is redirected back to the F5 SP full webtop URL correctly
  4. however after that the F5 again send it back to hangup_error=1 and same steps(1-3) continue, how should we prevent this or is this even technically possible.

So my conclusion so far while F5 is handling a logout request requesting back the webtop url is not possible, why is it the case and why do we always get the hangup_error=1?

note: when we normally open webtop and browse to external page and then open webtop there is no issue, this has to do with the logout functionality from F5 (java script).

Is this supported should we open a support case?

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  • Restoring original question and adding Nikoolayy1 's response inline here...though it will be out of order. Then I will sort out the permissions.

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  • what's your iRule look like? Can you post a sanitized copy of it here? Also, are SP/IDP on different devices or shared?

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    that is exactly the case we dont want to close session and then redirect to external Page where we make the decision to close or cancel the logout request.