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Nov 22, 2022

F5 cleanup to reduce space

i want to do WAF clean up but what/where i have to check the trash files to be deleted? to increse the performance and save space
  • Hi THE_BLUE , 
    Issue these Commands on bash : 
    #df -h 
    #df -i 
    you find like the below output , this from my lab : 

    > you can see the available space against total memory for each path , so detect the most exhausted path and remove and unwanted files , such as old QKview , UCSs , Images software.iso , and Pcap files that resulted from Tcpdumps. 
    > open the Following Tabs in your F5 GUI and make sure it doesn’t contain large files : 
    - UCSs : 

    -Qkviews :

    -Software Images : 

    > Make sure all of these tabs are free and not contain large files. 

    for more information to maintain your Desk Space 
    Follow this KB  :