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Sep 09, 2020

F5 Change license bundle Best to Better



Due to external reasons our customer has required to change the bundle of our F5 platform and has given us a new registration key for the BETTER bundle and now we have BEST.


We are using a VCMP 14.1.26 in my understanding we should go to license and change the registration key we have now with the new one provided and the using the dosier activate this one, this should reboot the VCMP as we are disabling features, so its recomendad to shutdown the guest machines and when the F5 complete the reboot we should have the new license enabled and the guest will have the same license.

In adition the Add-On Registration keys as it goes linked to the device will still be working as expected as we only change the registration key.



Could you please confirm this is how it will work?



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