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Mar 13, 2022

F5 blocked IP address expiration without the use of the F5 table irule command ?

Hello,   I was reading about Palo Alto XSOAR and I saw that for silverline you can add an ip address using the REST-API that has timeout, so the IP address will be blocked just for some time and ...
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    Oct 09, 2022

    I have renembered this topic as now I have played with new F5 BIG-IP versions an IP address can manually be added to a category with a TTL using the GUI or REST API so it seems that just Silverline software as a SaaS solution was just having the latest F5 features like the new TMOS versions.



    Name Type Default Value Required Access Description ipTtl string   required read/write The IP,TTL entries to be added or removed. The format is <IP,TTL IP,TTL …>, with the TTL being optional. For example: <,100 fe::fc,200,,infinite>. tmName string   required read/write The name of the category.