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Feb 08, 2012

F5 Bigip APM Citrix XenApp iapp - iPad

I downloaded the iapp for Citrix Xen app and have that piece of the puzzle working great. I am trying to connect to the same virtual server with the iPad and am not able to get connected. Do I have to create another virtual server to connect to a different citrix web interface that has gateway mode enabled, our current web interface does not have gateway mode enabled it is a direct connection. I think the iapps are great, but a little configuration baseline for the citrix stuff you are trying to connect to would be awesome. If anyone has an clues please let me know...

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    Might be a helpful to have a bit more information about your environment. Mostly what version / hot fix of BIG-IP you're running and what your Citrix environment looks like.



    For what it's worth, we do not require you to have a separate configuration for Citrix or Web Interface servers to support remote clients through the BIG-IP when using APM. Using the "Direct" configuration is enough, and APM can handle the rest. Using the most recent iApp available on DevCentral is always a good start as well.



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    This might also get more attention in the Citrix / F5 Solutions group:


  • Yes, please post this question along with detailed environment description(F5 version, Citrix version), etc. to the Citrix forum that Bill referenced and we'll help you there.