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May 23, 2022

F5 BIG-IP VE new instances in Azure cloud


We are planning to building bew infra in Azure - with two F5 VE in HA. Plan is to tkae F5 instances as PAYG.

Below are the modules which we are planning to use for new F5 instances - LTM, APM & Adv WAF.

Please let me know which Virtual Edition is recommended from Azure market place. Is it recommended to go with "

F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition - BEST (PAYG, 200Mbps)"




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  • This is all basically a scoping exercise. If you plan to use up to 200Mbps of throughput, than you should be good. If using more, than you need to bump up the throughput. In terms of modules, usually the breakeven is at 2 to 3 modules, and in your case you are planning to use 3... so BEST bundle is generally a good choice. Finally, you could also consider BYOL as an option as well, and obtain pricing on this. Depending on your use case, it may be cheaper.