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Oct 21, 2015

F5 BIG-IP Edge Client - Firewall Check Failed

Hi all. I'am new here and I don't know almost nothing about F5. But I have to support F5 BIG-IP Edge Client. And from time to time we have the following problem: When the user tries to connect they get the message "Firewall check failed. Please activate Windows Firewall and try again." But that problem have only 3-5 users. Mostly after the Windows Updates. We tried a few things:


  • Uninstall and install the BIG-IP Software
  • Checked the Windows firewall were on, also the rules
  • With diffrent user on the same client
  • And a lot of other things I cant remember nothing helped.

So we have to install a new Windows on the machine, which can not be the solution. Maybe anyone of you had the same problem. I hope you can help me.


We use Windows 7 x64 Notebooks. BIG-IP Edge Client Version is 7101,2014,1106,1707.




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  • if you a have support contract on this platform with F5 just contact them. they have to possibility to investigate much deeper then we can here via a forum. of course someone might have experienced exactly the same and can help, but opening a support ticket in parallel is always a good idea.