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Jun 02, 2020

F5 BIG IP DNS - 2 DNS listeners (private and public)

Hi all,

I have new challenge to configure second DNS listener(public IP) on the same F5 BIG IP DNS(cluster-active/standby). Now I have only 1 DNS listener (Private IP).


So the configuration question: When DNS request come to private DNS listener for NOT first it checks iRule (NOT mydomain, check below iRule) and it should forward DNS request to public DNS Listener IP which should check zones under Zone runner and return answer or Forward/hint zone. Also in a case of forward/hint zones source IP should be DNS listener public IP to my def. getaway IP.


Also on private DNS listener only GSLB is enabled on the DNS profile so that can hit wideIP for

If you have idea how this can be configured on the same F5 BIG IP DNS(active/standby) please let me know


iRule on DNS listener-private:


set type [DNS::question type]

if {$type equals "A" } 


  set host [DNS::question name]

  if { !($host contains "") or !($host contains "MYDOMAIN.COM")






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