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Sep 09, 2020

F5 AS3 API call to change Admin State of VIP not working

Hi All,


Using below API call to change admin-state of virtual service(vip) but its getting failed. kindly suggest payload.






[{"op": "add", "path": "/well/vip_prod_avx/enable", "value": "true" }]





  "code": 422,

  "errors": [

    "/well/vip_prod_avx/enable: should be boolean"


  "declarationFullId": "",

  "message": "declaration is invalid"


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  • Hi All,


    made few changes it removes the entire VIP from UI, instead of changing the admin state of virtual server, please help with the payload to just change admin state of vip without removing it from UI ?



       "class": "AS3",

       "action": "patch",

       "schemaVersion": "3.11.0",

       "persist": true,

       "patchBody": [


               "op": "add",

               "path": "Infosec/testwebapp/serviceMain_testwebapp/enable",

               "value": false