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Jun 07, 2021

F5 APM HA build

hi All


wondering if some one can chek my steps and correct me if i m wrong,


currnetly we have single F5 running LTM and APM as standalone active device , plan is to make it a HA cluster , i.e. add standby node.


my steps are


step 0 : backup and export archive.


1) build new standby node to same spec as active ,

2) add new non-floating to current device , and convert the current non-float to floating so no routing changes needed.

3) test at this point

4) configure HA using run config sync HA/utility and sync config,


then finally failover and failback test , anything else i need to check >? current f5 is v12.1.2




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  • I will also make sure that new standby is in forced offline state until HA is built and sync is initiated. Also, if there is a firewall between F5 and the servers, new non-floating is allowed in the firewall for the health monitor traffic.



  • Hello, one thing to keep in mind specific to APM is you want to enable APM session mirroring:


  • Consider your mirror and sync traffic path.

    Normally this is a layer 2 network between both devices. can be one network for both or 2 different networks totally up to you.

    But the important part comes with the monitoring config that monitors the other node with HA, you need to make sure you have that correctly set, normally i use the sync/mirror ports as well as the internal Self-Ip's and dependant on your design also using the external interface to make sure both devices can see each other.


    If this isn't set correctly your HA wont come up!