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Jan 03, 2024

F5 apm active directory and google authentictior with ise integartion


I have configure apm mfa active directory and google authentiction, is it possible to integartion with ise.  the porpose is After success login vpn on apm and user able to connect to access point


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  • Could you explain your question in more detail? I'd like to offer help but can't understand exactly what role each participant plays in your deployment. What do you want ISE to do to APM, or what do you want APM to do to ISE?

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      1. User access wifi using access point

      2. Access point redirect to apm

      3. Apm verification user with active directory and google authenticator

      4. Success verification and access will permit 

      5. User able to access application 

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        Thanks. So you want APM to essentially behave as a wifi captive portal?

        What does ISE do to APM or what does APM do to ISE in this case? What is the role of ISE?