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Nov 30, 2020

F5 APM - Session Variable names with special characters



I have F5 LTM+APM in 14.1.2 version with ADFS integration through SAML.


I would like to use the variable %{} but it's always empty. However, I see my email in the Access Report. Therefore, this variable has a value but I can't use it in the VPE.


I've printed the variable with a logging box and it's also empty. On the other hand, the variable %{session.saml.last.identity} works. I can print and use it.


F5 APM supports session variable names with special characters? How can I use it?


Thanks, best regards.

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  • Hello Dromerot.

    Have you tried with an iRule?

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    	set email [ACCESS::session data get "{}"]
    	log local0. "SAML email: $email"



  • Hi Dario,


    I have not tried with an iRule. I will try!!


    Thanks, best regards.