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Jul 09, 2011

F5 and SSRS PDF issue

Hi All,




We are having an issue with some SSRS reports behind presented to users behind the F5.




The web application is connecting to SSRS through its web services and renders the report in PDF.


The web application generates the report successfully if run locally on the server. When I add a second (Internal, not DMZ F5) NIC and divert past the F5 the report works fine. When the web application is accessed from outside (over the internet or internally through the F5), it generates a blank PDF.


We have checked the report execution logs and they do specify that the report was executed successfully with x number of rows, but when it gets to the client machine there is no data but it has the correct number of pages (except they are blank!).


Our web servers are sitting behind the F5. So the report data gets rendered to the portal server, but somehow when passing through the F5 to the client machine the PDF data/text are cleared.





Please note SSL offload is in use.


Has anyone seen this before or can think of a cause?







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  • Hi all,



    Thanks to F5 support, the problem is now solved, PDF linearization.