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Jul 08, 2020

F5 Access JSON config for Intune

Hi all,


Just wondering if there is anyone here with experience in configuring 2 allowed apps using Mobile Application Management (MAM) to help me out. When creating the JSON, I am trying to figure out the syntax for the "key": "allowedApps".


I've tried using comma, semicolon, and bar as delimiter ("valueString": "|com.Tableau.TableauApp") but that just breaks the config and not even MSFT Edge can communicate over VPN. With just one app added, it works fine, but the key is called "allowedApps" which makes me think that it should accept multiple apps listed. Another option was to use multiple different configs, but we can't push multiple configs for the same app, Intune doesn't push the second one at all (Which makes sense normally).


Working with MSFT has proven fruitless, and our F5 support doesn't have any answers either, so I am hoping that someone in the community has some wisdom to share :)



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