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Nov 08, 2018

F5 & Grafana 5x - Dashboards not populating

Grafana is not populating the virtual servers, reverse engineered grafana datasource.js file & sent a REST call to F5 management interface to get the response on SOAP UI - passed in the correct headers & json request - Got an [] back for /mgmt/tm/util/admdb "utilCmdArgs": "list-metrics /shared/admdb/default/vs -


{ "kind": "tm:util:admdb:runstate", "command": "run", "utilCmdArgs": "list-metrics /shared/admdb/default/vs", "commandResult": "[]\n" }


but if I use other API's for listing the virtual servers & stuff - i am able to get back expected results.


We followed the steps provided in and - I have posted my questions there as well and to F5 support


Also, tmsh modify sys db admdb.debug.traffic.sample value enable doesnt work on Any help is appreciated. TIA !


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  • Similar problem here. No VSs showing. Running 13.1.1 for request {command: "run", utilCmdArgs: "list-element "/shared/admdb/default/vs""} this answer {"kind":"tm:util:admdb:runstate","command":"run","utilCmdArgs":"list-element \"/shared/admdb/default/vs\"","commandResult":"ls: cannot access\n"}


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    Thanks Jiri - I did more poking around & found that some of the REST API calls are getting a valid response from F5. F5 support recommended that Behavioral DDoS is enabled to send data to Grafana - which we did & still dont see any data on Grafana. Question for you - was this working on previous F5 / Grafana versions for you or this is the first time that you are trying this out as well ?


  • Is there any update/solution ?


    We have the same problem (TMOS and Grafana 6.0.2). No VS is showing in Grafana. Message in Grafana:


    "failed to list directory /shared/admdb/default/vs"


    There is no /vs directory under /shared/admdb/default on BigIP.


    Thx in advance.