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Oct 20, 2023

F5 1-slot PAYG with enough diskspace TMOS upgrade

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has ever succeeded doing an upgrade of a 1-slot BIG-IP PAYG on AWS. Many articles on my.f5.Com will point to the script for this 1-slot upgrade case, but the below link discusses  "Actions that do not require you to create a new BIG-IP VE instance".

This clearly says that increasing disk space to account for an extra slot would work.  I tested a few times and I made sure that I had enough disk space available on the volume group. The software installs nicely on the new slot but on the reboot the system dies on me. It just disappears and never comes back. 

Note that I did notice that the "applies to" does not mention LTM for AWS specifically, it only seems to mention AAM. Is that the reason? Did anyone ever do this?


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  • Pretty sure a 1 slot is meant to be destroyed and recreated with a new code version. I wouldn't try to mess with the instance using non-supported methods to setup a 2nd slot.