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Mar 14, 2022

F5 - Virtual Server Connection statistics

Hello Members,

I have a requirement whether the application owner wants to know the connections/no of hits for their particular Virtual server hosted on F5 for the previous week ? Is it possible to get this data somewhere ?

The VS statistics which i am aware is where we get the current, maximum and overall total connections details.

Would like to know if there any possibility to check previous/past date connection statistics?

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  • Hello Nikhilmbass,

    I guess you don't want to give access to the GUI to the application owner ? From my experience, default ltm statistics do not give you this granularity. Maybe AVR could be a way if you have the licence.

    If not, you could regurlarly make call to the VS statistics with rest API like explain here :

    From there it is possible to calculate a delta and them trace when connections arrived, it will require a bit more work of course.



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      Thanks SamCo

      Well there's one more way which I have come across.

      If we have the AVR module provisioned in F5 device then we can get the just go to Statistics  ››  Analytics : Virtual Servers : Traffic Details : Connections. And filter the VS statistics  and choose the parameters that you need (Device Group, View By, Time Period, Measurement, and Chart type)