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Jul 28, 2011

External SNMP Monitor & disabling a pool member

Basically we want to use SNMP to monitor the load of our pool members for our oracle iexpense app servers.



The monitoring is working fine. But as I understand it, and as we've tested it, the behavior of an external monitor is to force the pool member offline, which terminates active sessions immediately (vs disabling the node, which allows persistent connections to finish).



Between folks here and support I've yet to be able to come up with a way that we can accomplish this... So I'm asking here if anyone has a unique and crafty way to do this.



The best solution was almost a win: create a cron job w/the external monitor and use tmsh to disable the node member. The problem: everything in our environment is in partitions. There's no way to change into a partition with tmsh, so you'd have to move all of the relevant services to the Common partion - Which is not desirable.




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  • Hi Bryan,


    You can apply monitors on at the pool member level or node level as well. So you don't have to disable in the external monitor.



    Also you can switch change partitions in TMSH by the following command set:



    modify cli admin-partitions query-partitions [all | { [name]...} ] update-partition [name]


    help cli admin-partitions



    I hope this helps