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Mar 16, 2011

external data group and findclass

I will be opening a case with F5 but I am sure it will get solved faster here :)



I have an external data group object (type string) that looks like this -->




Peter Bigshot , Pool-a


Nicky Bigbucks , Pool-b


Anthony Bigtime , Pool-c




in my iRule I am parsing HTTP payloads to grab a username and them looking up the data group to find a pool name. My problem is I am not getting anything back. Here is my query -->




set datapool [findclass $username $::external_data ","]




I am expecting to get "Pool-a" retuned if I provide "Peter Bigshot".




I am running BIG-IP 9.2.5 Build 5.1.


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  • I found my 1st issue already.



    When loading the object the BIG-IP is stating an invalid format for the file.



    I have tried using a ":" instead of a "," as the delimiter as well as adding the delimiter to the end of each line. no luck.
  • Hi Pallocca,

    Can you try this format for the external datagroup in 9.x:

    "Peter Bigshot:Pool-a",
    "Nicky Bigbucks:Pool-b",
    "Anthony Bigtime:Pool-c",