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Feb 01, 2024

Extending disk space on BIG-IP VE

I have been researching how to expand the storage on K14952, this indicates that the storage of the following directories should be expanded:

  • /var
  • /var/log
  • /config
  • /shared
  • /appdata

However, it does not detail how much these directories should grow or increase.


What would be the growth recommendation? Is growth at personal discretion?



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  • Hi, 

    Consider extending /var directory , because it can cause much unexpected issues if there is no free space on /var. 

    for example by default your ucs backup files are saved in /var also it's rotating files before doing Upgrade. 
    I saw with one of our customer his units lost it's mgmt connectivity due to /var is full , also sometimes it caused the configuration to fail to load after upgrade due to un-sufficient space in /var.

    in general >>> Consider increasing your resource in the first time of creating your VEs. 

    I see that 10 GB is good for /var >> this is the most important directory to be modified in space.

    For other directories set whatever you want and suitable for existing resources in your hypervisor. 

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