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Dec 16, 2010

Exchange iRule options

I am going to be load balancing Exchange active synch, Autodiscover, and OWA. The Windows Admins was to use one fqdn and cert for everything, so that means one VIP using https for all three. I am not going to be using Outlook anywhere, so I don't need to use to use the large irule found in the deployment guide to change to universal persistence and parse out compression. I was planning on using one https pool with cookie persistence.



However, I cannot do the /owa append though due to the other services being affected by this. How can I create a rule to only append for owa. Active synch and autodiscover should be left alone. As a test, I created three pools using cookie persistence. The first should send traffic to the asynch pool, the second the autodiscover pool, and everything else owa and only append for that.



I started the following and wondering if there is an easier or more efficient way to do this. I can easily just use one https pool for all of it. They all use the same cookie persistence, but curious how to treat owa traffic differently and only append for owa. This is what I have so far.











if { [HTTP::uri] contains "Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync" } {


persist cookie


pool Exchange_Asynch_HTTPS




elseif { [HTTP::uri] contains "/xml/autodiscover.aspx" } {


persist cookie


pool Exchange_Autodisc_HTTPS




else {


persist cookie


pool Exchange_Owa_HTTPS




if {([HTTP::uri] == "/") } {


HTTP::uri /owa



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  • Hi jayson,



    I have same requirement though with exchange 2003, did your i rule work ? Or if there is anything you found out :-)



    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.