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Oct 12, 2011

Exchange 2010 Virtual Server and *All Ports




I'm going to run multiple Services on our Exchange 2010 CAS Servers (OWA, Outlook Anywhere, Active Sync, and Auto Discover, which will be load balanced by our F5s. Rather than create a Virtual Server for each service and specific port, does anyone see any issues, major drawbacks to Create only 1 Virtual Server and set the virtual Server to listen on *All Ports?







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    Scott, you can definately use a single VIP for the multiple Exchange access protocols.



    You'll just want to make sure you follow F5's guidance (either through the Exchange 2010 deployment guide, or the v11 iApp) for implementing in this fashion. Because the different access protocols that you mention above have different traffic management requirements (in particular, persistence), F5 documents an iRule in the deployment guide that will parse out the different types of access protocols and persist them appropriately.



    The single VIP method of deployment makes a lot of sense, especially with the numerous amounts of client devices and access protocols. We have a lot of customers who have deployed in this way with success.



    Good luck!