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Apr 10, 2012

Exchange 2010 iApp update

Hi All!



F5 is pleased to announce availability of an updated iApp for Exchange 2010.



Notable enhancements


• Validated against the latest version of Exchange 2010 SP2


• Added support for Access Policy Manager (APM) and Edge Gateway


• Scenario-based approach to simplify deployment


• Customized pool settings and expanded monitor options


• Incorporated ServerSSL and protection from SSL renegotiation vulnerability


• Tuning of LB method


• Documentation and Online Help



The file containing this new iApp template (and eventually other new templates or updates) is available from



The AskF5 Solution document is available here.



Let us know what you think!



James Hendergart


Sr Business Development Manager, F5

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  • Hi James,


    I have tried it out, it has improved alot alot of things that was needed to be done manually gets done by its self now. But the problem is that the OWA advance monitor and the AUTODISCOVER advance monitor still doesent work. By saying it dosent work I mean that these monitors dosent utilize the username and password, even if I remove the username and password from the field or I disable the user account. These two pools (OWA and Auto Discover) continues their up state as the monitor never marks them down. So F5 has to Lookinto it.


    Also in our environment it is very vital to have the synthetic monitor for MAPI and SMTP the monitors for them is still missing.



    So the only major improvement I can see in this new iApp is that the things that were done before manually are automated. Secondly the monitors which were suppose to work before and never worked some of them are in true working condition now. I hope the updates come soon things are really moving very slow.



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    In our testing, the advanced monitors worked as expected. Please open a case with F5 support if they are not working for you; we need to know about these issues so we can track them and improve the template.


  • Hi Mike,


    I opened a case with the support and it seems they have found the bug and they are providing the solution for it shortly. Can I expect the SMTP and MAPI monitors to be avaliable soon????





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    We'll be using TCP monitors to check MAPI for the foreseeable future. I will check about the SMTP monitors and let you know.
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    I ran a quick test of our built-in SMTP monitor and it works for checking the health of the default SMTP connector, either directly or "through" the CAS pool member using an alias address and port. We'll add this to our list of possible features to add to a future version of the iApp.



    How do you plan on using this monitor?
  • Hi Mike,


    I came across this monitor from someone for SMTP but it didnt work for Exchange 2010 on the new platform, may be this monitor can help you guys creat a more realistic monitoring monitor for SMTP service on the servers and this is the same sort of monitor I am looking at.





    For the MAPI its vital to have a synthetic/advanced monitor...and I blv it should be easy to do ... a monitor which shld act something like outlook and tries to login.



  • Hi all,



    I'm using the most up to date iApp for Exchange 2010 available for my Big-IP version (11.2.1). That iApp version is f5.microsoft_exchange_2010_cas.2012_06_08, which was released with iApp-Template pack version (available at the link below).



    I've got the problem described below with Apple Mail, can someone tell me if the version of the iApp I'm using IS the most recent for my Big-IP version? Is this new RC version actually supported and recommended by F5, or is it a case of try it and see? Is this new RC supposed to work on 11.2.1, or just 11.4 upward?





    Best Wishes,



    Gavin Connell-Otten


    Victoria University Wellington - NZ



    PS I have an open call with F5 for this Apple Mail issue if someone from F5 is interested. So far I'm just being told to turn off the analytics profile the iApp supplies and the problem goes away. Something to do with Apple mail not liking a HTTP header the profile inserts into EWS sessions... Service Request 1-251921195


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    Hi Gavin,



    That's the iApp we're running successfully on 11.3.0 HF5. The only tweaks we've had to do were change tcp parameters a bit and exclude the oab.xml from the caching profile. We left Analytics off as we didn't see much value in the reporting it provided. YMMV.