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Jul 01, 2011

Exchange 2010 Deployment Guide for 10.2.0 LTM

We are currently running BigIP LTGM version 10.2.0 and the Exchange Deployment Guide available on the web site is specific to version 10.2.1. I can see some differences in the templates between our 10.2.0 system and the guide, so I was wondering where I can get the version of the guide that was written for 10.2.0, if one even exists. The guide's revision history seems to indicate that this is likely, so hopefully I am not out of luck.










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    Hi Todd,



    While we don't have a deployment guide specific to 10.2.0, the instructions and examples you find in the 10.2.1 guide is applicable to 10.2.0.



    That said, may I ask if there's a reason you're staying on 10.2.0?







  • The LTM portion of the guide is still the same for 10.2.0 - but Exchange 2010 template is new. You can create the configuration manually or upgrade to 10.2.1 or 10.2.2 if you prefer to run through a wizard.