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Mar 08, 2012

Exchange 2010 - F5 Version 9.4.7 compatibility




We're running an older version of F5 @ 9.4.7. We're doing a proof of concept with Exchange 2010. What is the minimum version of F5 that will work with Exchange 2010? Will version 9.4.7 work with any specific limitations? Are we required to upgrade the F5 to any specific version to get full Exchange 2010 functionality? Is it possible to get a deployment guide for Exchange 2010 with version 9.4.7? Please advise.









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  • Hi F5 guys,



    First of all you guys are doing a great job



    Wanted to understand if F5 9.3.1 version supports Exchange 2010 integration. Is there any documentation available for the same?



    I have seen documentation for 10.0 and 10.1 and that is the version that is being tested by Microsoft which is referred in their site for compatibility list



    Is this something you can help with??





  • Hi SD02,



    I deployed my former companies Exchange 2010 solution on LTM's with v9.4. I believe the v10 guide needs to be referenced for v9.4 by using the manual configuration matrix. Not everything will port over obviously but the basic configuration params are there for you. I would sugget using static ports for MAPI (Outlook). An outlook connection is made of three TCP services that all must go to the same node and this best handled with static ports and a virtual server for each. Just make sure to use a single persistence profile with "Match across services" checked. The virtual servers for HTTP connections are mostly the same with a few tweaks for compression and health monitor checks.