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Dec 10, 2012

Error with "SOAP-ENV:Client Unknown method"

I met a error running with v11.2 while JDK downloaded with v11.X, the detailed error as below:



SOAP-ENV:Client Unknown method "{urn:iControl:ITCMSystem/SystemInfo}:get_product_info"


[root@dc1-bigip3:Active] LocalLB SOAP-ENV:Client Unknown method "{urn:iControl:ITCMSystem/SystemInfo}:get_product



Version 11.x




Any hints?



BTW, Does latetst JDK installed on TMOS with path? I would like to find it out, thanks!


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  • The "ITCM" in the namespace is for BIG-IP v4.x. I'll need to update that page to link to the newer libraries. The client side libraries have moved from the SDK into separate downloads in the iControl Assembly labs project: You should be able to find Java and .Net downloads for v11.2 (and below). Sorry for the mixup...