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Apr 23, 2012

Error "Address in use" when doing pool

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We are implementing a high availability solution for a messaging based product (The communication is message based).



One persistent client connection will be handled by multiple backend servers. The message format we are using is private (2 bytes binary header + binary payload). We will do load balancing based on one field in the message. We created iRules script and use message based load balancing (mblb) profile and TCP profile to support it.



The iRules script works fine under low volume (less than 20 TPS), but we got error and client connection reset when increase the volume (e.g. 30 TPS), the following are the error messages:





Apr 20 16:43:21 local/tmm1 info tmm1[5549]: Rule Score-MBLB : Key: 0000000000000000003



Apr 20 16:43:21 local/tmm1 err tmm1[5549]: 01220001:3: TCL error: Score-MBLB - Address in use (line 1) invoked from within "pool [LB::server pool] member [lindex $W 0] [lindex $W 1]"



Apr 20 16:43:21 local/tmm1 err tmm1[5549]: 01230140:3: RST sent from to, Unknown reason



Apr 20 16:43:21 local/tmm1 err tmm1[5549]: 01230140:3: RST sent from to, [0x11aa220:2564] conn



Apr 20 16:43:23 local/tmm err tmm[5548]: 01230140:3: RST sent from to, [0x11a7431:5112] RST from BIG-IP internal Linux host



What causes the “Address in use” error? Could we resolve this issue through configuration?



The following are code that cause the error (bold line):





while { [TCP::payload length] >= 2 } {


binary scan [TCP::payload] S a



set mlen [expr { [expr { $a & 0xffff }] + 2 }]



if { [TCP::payload length] < $mlen } {







binary scan [TCP::payload] x2S b


set hlen [expr { $b & 0xffff }]


log local0. "Header len: $hlen"



Get key


set keyoffset [ expr {8 + $hlen + 117} ]


binary scan [TCP::payload] x[expr {8 + $hlen + 117}]a19 key


log local0. "Key: $key"



Simple election load balancing based on key


set S ""


foreach N [active_members -list [LB::server pool]] {


if { [md5 $N$key] > $S } {


set S [md5 $N$key]


set W $N







log local0. "Sending request to $W"


pool [LB::server pool] member [lindex $W 0] [lindex $W 1]




TCP::release $mlen


TCP::notify request









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  • Hi Vincent,



    Can you try adding LB::detach before the pool statement?



  • Thanks Aaron for the suggestion.



    I tried it, it doesn't work. LB::detach will disconnect the server side connection, which ends up the client connection is disconnected as well.



    For message based load balancing (MBLB) profile, the server side connections should be kept, otherwise it will take too long to create server side connection for each message.



    The trick part is: the script works in low volume, only has problem in high volume, could it be configuration related?
  • Some update:


    If I increase the volume gradually from my simulator, for example, 5 TPS for 2 seconds, 10 TPS for 2 seconds, 30 TPS for 5 seconds, then 90 TPS, I can process the message up to 100 TPS.



    Is this related to configuration in TCP and MBLB profile?
  • if you are on 11.1, this might be related to a known issue (BUG-id 383853, you may check with F5 support for availability of fix)


    if you have older version (11.0 or 10.x), you might try with them to confirm.






  • Thanks, Nat.


    We are on 10.2.3. We already created a ticket. Will follow up with the information you provide.