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Jun 13, 2003

Equivalent of 'serverssl server cert ignore' in proxy?

I have a proxy defintion, and I want to do the equivalent of:

bigpipe proxy serverssl server cert ignore  
It looks like
might be the right iControl call (I could be wrong...), but the description of the mask in the docs (The mask specifying how server certificate is handled) is not too informative. Is this the right call, and where do I find the definition of the what the mask does?

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    set_server_certificate_mask is the correct method. The state you want is PROXY_SERVER_CERTIFICATE_IGNORED.



  • Thanks. As an FYI, turns out that particular info is not in the wsdl files, or


    in the docs. I did find it in the idl files (I needed the value for my perl







  • These are defined as constants in the idl and we do not currently have mapping for them in the WSDL. They are included in the documentation though. They are located in the help page for ITCMLocalLB::Proxy. You can navigate there by the following tree in the help



    API Reference->ITCM->ITCMLocalLB->Proxy