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Jan 11, 2021

EOSD date is 1st of April 2021 for the 5050S platform

Dear all,


I wanted to check with you the Big IP 5050S platform has a End Of Software Development date set to 1st of April. That means that version 16 wont be developed on this hardware but support can be extended for several years.


So we plan to upgrade the system to version 15.1.2 and with that will be supported until end of 2024. Are there any consequences for future hotfixes like version 15.1.3 that will be released after the EOSD? However that will still be supported 15.1.x on the 5050s system?


Could someone clarify this?

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  • Hello Marvin.


    Yes, in some rare cases one specific hardware could stop supporting releases after some maintenance release.


    Let say, that this device could support until 15.1.2.x, but not until 15.1.3.x. It's not common but it's possible.

    800 series is an example.

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