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Nov 03, 2016

Enterprise Manager - UCS Archive Encryption

Hi all


When Enterprise Manager creates a UCS archive of a managed device is there a way to encrypt this file as you can on the other BIG-IP products? From what I can see you can't, which is a pain as our security governance team has stated that if we wish to backup the UCS archives on EM and also backup the private keys, then the UCS archive must at a minimum be encrypted itself. From what I gather EM does not fetch a precompiled UCS archive from the managed device but rather creates a UCS archive itself, yet doesn't provide an option to decrypt.


Perhaps I've missed something so would appreciate some advice.


Thank you


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  • Is it not enough that in order to reach the archives you'd have to have a valid login to the EM and be able to control access to the archive that way?


    If not, you could always setup another server with a script to SFTP the files off the EM to a SAN and encrypt them in the process.