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Apr 02, 2012

Encrypting page link parameters




I want to see if its possible to encrypt parameters within page links within any web pages using an irule.



From a high level i would need the irule to search through the page content, identify page links and parameters, encrypt the parameters and then send on the altered page to the browser. When the page is returned from the browser then i would need to decrypt the parameters and then forward on to the web server.



This sounds like a lot of work to accomplish.





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  • Hi Yozzer,



    Yes, it's possible, but at least in past versions, it was a brittle iRule that required lots of customizing. It might be possible to do this more efficiently with a new HTML parsing engine. Email me and I'll send you a copy of a horridly long 9.x iRule for encryption (aaron at f5 dot com).



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    How brittle is it? Do you have any further info on the new HTML parsing engine.